Remove fastag. How to do it exactly in 7 steps?

fastag removal
fastag removal

In the 2024 era, digital toll collection will be automated through Fastag. Fastag becomes the most convenient and fast way to collect a toll at the toll gates. However, some situations require that you remove the fastag sticker due to weather damage, vehicle damage, windshield damage, or some other reason. Here are some tips how to remove fastag make easy for you.

How to remove fastag
How to remove fastag

Step-by-step guide: How to Remove Fastag?

  • Prepare the necessary tools. Before you start the removal process, you need to gather all the required tools for this process. You need a razor blade, rubbing alcohol, a clean cloth, and glue remover; those should be part of your tool kit.
  • Park in a safe location. You need to park your car in a safe location before starting the fast tag removal. The location should have ample light and be less windy to easily facilitate removal.
  • Clean the fastag area: Start by cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to ensure that the dirt is removed from the fastag area.
  • Lift the corner: Gently lift one corner of the fastag with your fingernails or a plastic card, which can be useful for this step. Make sure to avoid damaging the windshield or vehicle paint during this process.
  • Peel slowly. Start peeling slowly from the corner and pulling it away from the surface. If you encounter any resistance, just use a razor blade at a low angle to assist you in pulling it off the surface.
  • glue remover: After completing the fastag removal process, just apply glue remover to the fastag area on the windshield and clean the surface nicely.


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